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They came

Matthieu Androdias Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"In the beginning, rowing was a therapeutic approach".

It was in the South West, mainly in Aquitaine, that all my development took place, and I was there right up to my first elite world champion title. Today, I'm still progressing, but it's more a case of fine-tuning. All my training was done, and done well, in my region.

The PAarc water sports centre is a jewel for rowing enthusiasts. The sailing conditions are perfect. It's a place that encourages performance and sporting excellence.

Matthieu Androdias
Laura Tarantola

Laura Tarantola Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"One of the keys to success is self-confidence.

The discovery of rowing, at an age when you're looking for something new, when you're trying out everything but don't really know what to do. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank my girlfriend enough for telling me one day, "Come and try it, you'll see how much fun it is! I've found some incredible friends, a second family, a sweetheart, and thanks to this sport I've experienced emotions that seem hard to find anywhere else.

The nautical base is simply exceptional. The facilities are ideally located. It's a place where a passion for rowing comes to life.

Hugo Bucheron Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"The aim is to be in control of our project.

You have to be able to feel yourself in the boat because, even if it's not a contact sport, you can feel the support, the glide of the other, there are a lot of sensations. It's through all these details that the pleasure of rowing together comes and going for performance.

I'm delighted to find such a well-run base. The atmosphere is motivating, the equipment is top quality, and the waterside location adds a magical dimension. A place where every paddle counts!

Hugo Boucheron
Claire Bové

Claire Bové Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"It's great to get to know your body and how it moves".

I like the human connection, seeing people evolve and being a bit proud of what they achieve. It's this process of helping others and seeing them evolve. It's also about getting to know your body. Not everyone is as aware of their body as they might be when they're playing sport, and that's something that's really interesting.

The water sports base is more than just a training facility, it's a home for the Olympic spirit. A place where dreams of gold come alive.

Valentin Onfroy Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"You have to trust your team-mate and really get to know them.

Olympic qualification is the ticket to Paris for the boat, which is the main objective of the world championships, after the overall performance.

The nautical base is a veritable sanctuary for rowers. State-of-the-art equipment, expert advice and the beauty of the setting create the perfect combination to excel at rowing.

Valentin Onfroy
Noémie Kober

Noémie Kober Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"Come back with a round souvenir around your neck!"

I draw my inspiration from my team-mates, who all bring their own little personal touches to the boat. I'm thinking in particular of Marie Le Nepvou, and my club team-mates (who have been with me for a long time now!).

The nautical base is a hidden gem for rowing enthusiasts. State-of-the-art equipment and professional management create an atmosphere where every training session becomes a memorable experience. A place where sporting excellence flourishes.

Pierre Houin Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"Forced to admit his fears or they will eat away at him".

I need to train every day. I need to do that. So of course I'm afraid of injury. The insidious pain that can prevent you from getting ready". When I don't train, I don't feel good about myself, I feel terrible. It's a neurosis, it's out of control. It's something I have to do over and over again every day.

I'm impressed by the quality of the water sports centre. It's a peaceful environment that encourages concentration. A must for rowing enthusiasts.

Pierre Houin
Margaux Bailleul

Margaux Bailleul Participant in the 2024 Olympic Rowing Games

"There's no reason why it shouldn't pay off in the end".

I got into rowing by chance during a discovery course organised by the town of Le Havre. I fell in love with the sport straight away. That was the start of my adventure 

The water sports centre offers an exceptional training environment. The calm waters, well-maintained facilities and inspiring atmosphere make it a must for any serious rower.