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Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat
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To be discovered as a group, the dragon boat is a type of canoe with, on board, the paddlers, the helmsman, and the drummer with their historic drum.

Attention : for the activity, a minimum of 8 people is required.

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From 14 years

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Useful information

Dragon boat

The origins of the Dragon Boat date back to the same period as ancient Greece and the very first Olympic Games (hundreds of years BC).

In China, on the banks of the Yangzi Jiang, towards the beginning of the hot season and epidemics, a ritual was held to awaken the highly revered dragon god from hibernation, the master of rivers and seas, maker of clouds and rain to ensure abundant harvests and ward off diseases. This ritual included boat races where the drowning of some participants was considered a sacrifice.

Legend has it that Qu Yuan, a respected poet and minister, committed suicide to protest against the corruption of his time. Since that day, it has been customary to commemorate this tragedy with dragon boat races.

Access conditions

A minimum of 8 people is required to participate in the activity.


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