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Open Water Swimming

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Come and experience the joy of open water swimming in quality water.

Time slots from May/June to September are available.

Under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

You also have the option to swim by obtaining a license to one of those organizations :

the triathlon league.

the triathlon club.

the swimming club.

From 16 years

Starting at €4


Useful information

Open Water Swimming

When we talk about «Open Water Swimming», what exactly are we referring to ? Firstly, the expression refers to the practice of swimming in lakes, seas, or rivers. Hence the term «open water», as opposed to swimming in a pool, the more «traditionnal» form of swimming.

Furthermore, the expression «open water swimming» also refers to all sports swimming events that take place in open water. Again, a distinction is made from pool swimming. This can include leisure events or events within national or international championships, including the Olympics.

Access conditions

Be 16 years old.

Be licensed in Triathlon, Swimming, or provide evidence of swimming ability.


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