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Summer camps

Children’s Group Pass

offers a full day of activities for children aged 6 to 10.

Including Disc Golf, Orienteering, Biathlon/Archery and Water Lag, this pass offers an entertaining and educational experience.

With a capacity of 40 children, it’s ideal for summer school groups.

The price is for a full day of adventure

From years

Starting at €10

Useful information

Disc golf :

A variation on traditional golf where players throw discs at metal targets. Children can have fun testing their accuracy and technique as they navigate a course specially designed for this activity.

Orienteering :

A fun activity that involves navigating a course using a map and compass to find markers scattered around the countryside. Children will have the opportunity to develop their sense of direction while exploring their environment.

Biathlon/Archery :

A combination of two exciting sporting disciplines. Children will have the chance to try their hand at archery, developing their accuracy and concentration, and then take up the biathlon challenge by combining archery with a physical activity such as running.

Water Lag :

A fun aquatic activity where children can enjoy games and obstacles in the water. It’s a great way for them to cool off and have fun, while developing their motor coordination and confidence in the water.

Teenage Group Pass

offers an unforgettable day of adventure for teenagers aged 11 to 17. Combining exciting activities such as Archery Tag, Human Foosball, Giant Paddle and Laser Biathlon, this pass offers an entertaining and stimulating experience. With a capacity of 40 children, it is ideal for school groups, holiday camps or birthday parties. The pass is priced for a full day of exploration and challenge.

From 11 years

Starting at €10

Useful information

Archery Tag :

A dynamic activity that combines aspects of archery with the thrill of games like paintball. Participants use bows and arrows with foam tips to score points by hitting their opponents or specific targets. It’s an exciting experience that requires both precision and agility.

Human foosball :

A giant version of the traditional table football game where the players become the human figures. Participants are attached to fixed bars and have to work as a team to move the ball forward and score goals. It’s a fun game that encourages coordination, communication and teamwork.

Giant Paddle :

A fun aquatic activity where participants use large inflatable paddle boards to navigate the water together. Unlike the classic paddle, the giant paddle allows several people to ride on a single board, making it an ideal activity for groups. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while building collaboration and teamwork.

Biathlon Laser shooting :

A combination of running and rifle shooting, but with laser rifles instead of live ammunition. Participants have to run a set course, stopping at regular intervals to shoot at targets with their laser rifle. It’s a sport that requires both physical endurance and mental concentration, offering a stimulating and immersive experience.