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Declaration of accessibility for the website

In order to make its site accessible to as many people as possible, the PAarc undertakes to comply as far as technically possible with the recommendations of the Référentiel Général d'Amélioration de l'Accessibilité (RGAA).

Drawing up this declaration of accessibility

This declaration was drawn up on 17 June 2024.

Compliance status, test results

Following an internal audit, the site is in partial compliance (over 90%) with the Référentiel Général d'Amélioration de l'Accessibilité (RGAA) version 4.1.2 due to the reasons listed below.

Content not accessible


The criterion "8.2 For each web page, is the generated source code valid for the type of document specified? is non-compliant, due to the presence of the doubled page header for a "sticky" display.

Exemptions for disproportionate burden

Source code validity

Some pages on the site may contain HTML validation errors in accordance with the W3C standard.
To the best of our knowledge, these errors do not cause any real accessibility problems (in particular, no impact on assistive technologies).

Text transcriptions of videos

By default, not all the videos on the site are accompanied by a text transcript, which is not necessary for a proper understanding of the pages in question, as the videos have a graphic rather than a functional role.

For videos without transcripts, you can request a transcript via our contact form.

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

  • The "tarteaucitron.js" cookie acceptance and personalisation functionality.
  • The "reCAPTCHA" / "hCaptcha" spam protection system.
  • Youtube video player.
  • iframe content from external services

Technologies used to create the site

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • SVG
  • JavaScript
  • ARIA

Test environment

The content retrieval checks were carried out using the following tools:

  • Firefox 127
  • Google Chrome 126
  • Lynx

Tools for assessing accessibility

  • Wave
  • Chrome > development tool; Accessibility
  • Kastor

Site pages checked for compliance


If the content you wish to access is not accessible, you can inform us:

  • online, using the contact form.
  • by telephone, on 03 28 23 59 82
  • by post to:
    Le PAarc
    Rue Edgar Coppey
    59820 Gravelines


If you have notified the department responsible for the website of a lack of accessibility that is preventing you from accessing content and you have not received a satisfactory response, you may :